I’m Scared Of Dying Because I Know What Happens After Death.

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Texting and driving.

They always tell you how dangerous it is, but I of course had the attitude of “but, it won’t happen to me.

Well, it did happen to me. Im LUCKY to have survived, but what happened to me in those couple hours of being “dead” has scared me into never wanting to die. I’m not afraid of death; I’m afraid of what happens after we die…because I have seen what happens when we cross over.


A loud screech filled my ears followed by a force of inertia that sent me flying out of my window at lightning speed. It happened so fast that I couldn’t process what was happening at first.

It was hot outside that day. I remember laying on the scorching hot concrete while my body bled out. The pain was fierce, and a blanket of exhaustion wrapped around me. Blackness followed, and my body began to feel like ice. I wasn’t cold, though; my body had gone into a state of numbness.

If I had to guess, I would say that I laid in this dark/cold state for 20 minutes before I started to see a pinpoint of light in the darkness. It was small and started to spread. Gray light began to leak through the tiny hole.

The gray pinpoint continued to widen, and eventually I was engulfed in a gray, surrounded by fog. I tried to move my body, but that numbing feeling still coated my muscles. Im not sure that I ever fully registered what was happening to me in this period of time. The only thing I knew for sure was that this felt real.

I heard a crunching noise off in the distant, like you would hear if you stepped on a pile of twigs. Occasionally, that snapping noise would carry a loud vibration that ran through my body.

I was finally able to get a full visual of what was happening, but I wish I didn’t. When I could finally move my body, I sat up and realized I was in a forest. A tint of blue shown between the silhouette of gnarly trees and brush that masked any trail. How did I get here? In the distance I saw black horned creatures lurking around me. They had the skeleton of an elk, but something was off about it, it almost looked like an elk/human skeleton combined into one.

I saw the black silhouette of these skeletal creatures getting closer to me, like they were hunting me in the fog.

I thought about running away, then realized that I had nowhere to run, the brush was filled with thorns and was too thick to make any sort of mileage through. Now these creatures were surrounding me, their faces contorted in ghostly expressions as they crept closer to me.

My body was heavy, each limb like a sand bag. You know how you feel when you try to walk when your legs fall asleep? That’s how I felt. Within seconds, one of the creatures lunged at me and sunk its teeth into my calf. A searing pain ran through my leg, up into my torso.

I felt every fiber of muscle rip from the bone as the creature started to pierce its teeth deeper into my leg. Its eyes glowed red as it slurped away at the blood dripping down its chin. I saw my calf being shredded to bits through each knife-like tooth that the beast displayed.

All I could do was scream in agony. This was really happening to me, and the pain was fierce. Then, another creature lurched at my torso. The thing took its incisors and sliced open my stomach. I could feel the thing slurping up my intestines like spaghetti. I could feel everything. The pull of my intestines leaving my body, the snapping and crunching of each rib that the creature dug through, and the weight of the hooves pressing down on me to keep me still.

I thought this had to be some type of twisted nightmare, there’s no way this was actually happening to me. How was I still conscious through all of this? I had lost so much blood; I laid in a puddle of it.

I let out another bellowing yell, my whole body was being ravaged by these creatures. My tongue was ripped from my mouth, my legs and arms were ripped off after being attached long enough to feel the pain of being eaten alive.

A loud thundering roar made the torture stop like a snap of my fingers. The elk like skeletal beasts all looked up in the same direction, then scurried away at lightning speed. I was relieved, then worry set in. These creatures were horrible, what could scare them away like that? I could speculate all I wanted, but it did no good. I couldn’t escape whatever was coming, I was a blob of a person laying in the middle of a foggy forest.

That’s when I felt the tug to my hair. Something had me by the hair and was dragging my body away from the pool of blood I laid in.

With each drag I started to fade away into a numbness, and thank goodness, because with each hard tug to my hair, I could feel my scalp starting to rip. A few more hard tugs and I felt my head dislocate from my vertebrae.

Everything became blurry, then I started to feel dizzy followed by nausea.


I woke up laying in a hospital bed. Relief washed over me. It truly was just a nightmare, possibly an effect of all the pain medication I was on at the time.

To make a long story short, it wasn’t a nightmare. I had actually died that day. 

It was about six months after my accident when my mom finally told me that I was pronounced dead for an hour. They were about to call it when a faint heart beat started up again which was enough to bring me back and keep me stable. The doctors said it was a miraculous recovery.

I don’t know where my soul went during that hour of death, but I can tell you this, we will all find out one day.

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