Scary Stories To Read Tonight

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It is the last weekend of September! With October 1st beginning on Monday, I only found it appropriate to begin the spookiest month with a bang. I have put together 31 short scary stories for your reading pleasure. These are tails from people who have experienced the worst. Some will horrify you…others will terrify you…and the really disturbing ones will PETRIFY YOU! Read them all at once, or save one a night to read for the month of October! Share with your friends around the campfire, read to your younger siblings when you’re babysitting or hoard them for a night at home alone in your bed…all by yourself.

I hope you enjoy, and if you haven’t died from fright by the end…be sure to comment which story was your favorite!

Continue below for the stories…if you dare.


  1. An intense pain radiated across my face. I peered down at a shattered piece of glass and screamed. My face had been skinned off.

2. My old pull string doll started talking to me the other day. Mom said that doll burnt to a crisp in a house fire 20 years ago.

3. The first wrench to my heart was seeing my family mutilated before me. The second was seeing the dark figure hiding in the corner.

4. I saw them in the distance at dusk. They didn’t look human; black skin with sharp ears, then, one of them noticed me. Oh god…

5. I was snuggled into my sleeping bag when I heard twigs snapping outside my tent. I unzipped the tent, that’s when I saw something staring back at me.

6. I was visiting my dead wife at the graveyard one night. An eerie feeling overcame me, and everything grew still and quiet. I looked up and saw a woman staring over me. I don’t visit the graveyard anymore.

7. There’s something that petrifies me about the ocean abyss. Which would kill you first if you were dragged down? The freezing temperatures, the lack of oxygen, the crushing effect the water would have on you or a deep-sea creature?

8. I was having boat trouble after a night of fishing. It sounded like something was caught on the propeller, so I jumped into look. The water was calm. I strapped my mask on and peeked under the water to see a giant shark mouth coming at me. Those sharp teeth still give me nightmares.

9. I had my baby registry on Amazon. The first few packages I received were from my registry, then things started getting weird. I started getting odd packages in the mail addressed to me from Amazon. Each one contained a hauntingly different doll. I’m still receiving them.

10. I love video games, especially creepy ones. That’s why I was first in line to buy the new virtual reality game. It looked so real, but I started to get creeped out when it started to feel so real. Now I know why after looking at my webcam footage.

11. I’ve seen a lot from being a nurse for 40 years, but the most disturbing by far is the case of Amanda Rossi. She came into our ward after enduring extreme abuse. She would bark at the nurses and defecate in her bed, then attempt to sleep in it. I knew we were dealing with more than we could handle when she ripped her colon from her rectum without a flinch of pain as she recited a verse in tongues.

12. Dr. De Lacey had a special treatment for “unruly women”. He would cement different body parts to the wall and told them they could leave and walk away a free woman after they detached themselves. Several woman walked away with missing toes, noses, lips, and gaps of missing skin. Several bled out before reaching help. Others couldn’t endure the pain, so they would stay cemented until dehydration took them.

13. My mom and I were looking at old pictures from when I was little. In a few of the photos, I was holding a doll that looked to be really disturbing. It had white skin with blood red rings around its eyes and mouth. I asked my mom why I was playing with that doll, and her answer sent shivers down my spine. “You always liked playing make believe. I don’t know where you got the idea to play with a fake doll, you had plenty of real dolls to play with. I’m surprised you remember that.”

14. I found a creepy doll with a long, broken neck stuffed into my parents closet. They started to act bizarre when they realized I had discovered it. I held the thing up by its neck, “What is this?” My dad grabbed it and shoved it back in the closet. My mom told me to never open the closet or ask about it again. I still don’t know why they have this creepy doll hidden in their closet.

15. We have a swing set in our backyard. My kids love playing on it. I thought it was a great addition to our backyard before the incident that happened last night. At around midnight, I heard the chains on the swings squeaking. Thinking one of my children had snuck out to play, I was ready to scold someone. I peeked outside and saw someone sitting in a clown suit on our swing set. Alarmed, I locked the doors and called the police. They were never able to locate the person.

16. WHAT IF our whole reality is an illusion? What if we are just a brain on a lab table with electrodes probing through it to make you think this life is real? What if?

17. HELP. I can hear it under the bed. The scratching noise…it sounds like it’s ripping up the carpet. It’s ever so faint. If I weren’t listening for it, I’d probably miss it. The noise is getting closer to the edge of my bed. I swear I can hear a hissing sound. I’m scared to look under the bed. Am I alone in here?

18. I saw a lone person standing at the top of my wooded hill. I shouted at him and told him this was private property, he needed to leave. He just stood there saying nothing, not even  moving. I pointed my gun at him and said I’d shoot. He started to run towards me. I fired five rounds. The guy stopped dead in his tracks and just stood there, not making a sound. I know I shot him. I was shaking in my boots at this point. Then the man laughs and slowly turns around to walk away. I still don’t know what happened that night, but there is no way that thing was completely human.

19. I kept having nightmares about my unborn child. The doctors reassured me through each ultra sound, but I still knew something was wrong. My baby has finally been born and  my worst fear is true. How can you hand me my baby when it looks like that? Why isn’t anyone freaking out? Why isn’t anyone batting an eye at the creature that lays in my arms? There’s something evil about this baby. It’s up to me now to take care of it. I can’t let this baby hurt anyone.

20. I keep seeing it look at me through the window. Its eyes are so bright, it would be impossible for me not to notice. It puts its hands up to his head when he smiles. I lay in bed with the covers up to my nose as I watch in horror. The thing proceeds to pop its head off, then laugh. The sight never ceases to terrify me. That scary face with the little hat on top, laughing during its own decapitation…I usually wake up after this and realize I was just having a nightmare. That is, until I found the little hat under my bed. It scares me when I think about what went on during that time frame that I blacked out.

21. The last snapchat sent from Emeline Smith’s cellular device was a blurry photo of a masked intruder chasing her up a staircase with what looks to be a knife in hand. She had sent this photo as a mass snapchat to all her friends, but it was never reported to authorities. After the investigation began, her friends admitted that they thought it was a hoax. Emeline was found dead with her insides gutted out. Her phone was still clutched in her hand.

22. When Mark and Sara bought an old rundown orphanage, they were looking forward to rehabbing it into an art studio. They reported a stuffy feeling and a sense of dread, but the real estate agent assured them that once they started rehabbing, those feelings would dissipate. One night, a bad storm came, and a shelf holding 100 paint cans splattered everywhere. Mark and Sara walked into paint coated figures that resembled baby heads the next morning.

23. Nobody is going to believe me, but here goes nothing. My mom was insistent on getting senior portraits. I reluctantly agreed and went to the session. After the session, we went with the photographer to go over my portfolio and choose which photos to buy. Each photo had a picture of snow white posing – the exact same way I had been posing – instead of me. The photographer acted confused, but my mom was furious. She thought it was some weird joke. The photographer apologized and insisted he had no idea what happened. We obviously didn’t buy the photos, and I got out of doing senior pictures that year.

24. There’s something that petrifies me about old, run down houses. Something that can have so much life…to being so vacant is unsettling. What happens to all that energy? How can everything sit undisturbed in silence for so long? It almost seems like everything is on pause in that spot until something else comes along to give it life again.

25. A young girl had to have a hysterectomy after inserting a tampon with a spider embedded in the applicator. She went three months with cramps and bleeding before seeking out medical attention. Meanwhile, the spider was growing in her uterus.

26. “Meet Mookie the clown.” That’s what my grandmother said to me when she handed me an antique clown. The thing had to be at least 4ft. tall. I put the thing in my closet because it gave me the creeps. Here is where things get weird. Every time I came back into the room,  the thing was standing in the middle of the room, facing me. UPDATE: I am scared. My grandmother said she never gave me an antique clown.

27. My real estate agent was showing us houses. We came across a blood splattered bathtub, and my agent immediately called the sellers. They acted all weird and said it was just how they made their tomato sauce (stomping the tomatoes in a bucket in the tub). They were pretty convincing because my agent let it be. However, I always wonder if we should have called the cops.

28. I was always made fun of by my boyfriend and friends when I ran up the stairs like my life depended on it at the age of 23. I was a little embarrassed, so I decided to face my fears and walk up the stairs like a normal adult. Step by step, I had that creepy feeling like something was behind me, watching me. My friends were all upstairs, and I knew they’d make fun of me if they saw me run up the stairs once again like a little baby. I took a deep breath and looked behind me to reassure myself. That’s when I saw it. Someone, or something was peeking around the corner of the basement, watching me.

29. Thomas Krane on his alien abduction: “Um, you know, they were nice to me. They told me the government knew about them. They had made a contract and everything about who they were allowed to legally experiment on. Obviously, any high member of society was granted immunity. This in turn leaves the poor and the mentally unstable as the easiest to abduct for the night. You see, the know people won’t believe you. They have studied humans long enough to know this which his precisely why they choose the individuals they do.

30. I’m sick of watching horror movies because of the awful actors. Those screams? They are laughable. I know what a true scream sounds like. There is a certain level of ear piercing dread that hums out each vocal chord. Not to mention, once the initial scare is over, you have the scream of dread. That scream sounds more like a whaling yell of pleading. Scary movie actors have nothing on the real thing. I have a lot of experience with hearing people scream. Now, the dead bodies in the movies…those are spot on.

31. My sister kept complaining to our parents about waking up restless. The alarm would go off and she would sleep straight through it. Mom started to take away her cell phone, thinking that she was staying up late to play on it. That didn’t help though. As the days went on, she would have bags under her eyes, and mom and dad would scour her room to try and find the culprit of what was keeping her up. You know, thinking their teenage daughter was being mischievous. I didn’t think too much of it, that is, until I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and saw her levitating above the bed. I think I know why she has sleeping problems now.




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