I Got A Random Text From Someone And I’m Scared…Has This Happened To You?

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I’ll start by saying it was just a normal night. Brandon and I (my boyfriend) were sleeping in bed when a random number called me at three in the morning (this call is what woke me up.) I looked at the caller ID on my cell, and it was an odd set of numbers and letters, so I ignored it. I figured it was just a scam call anyway with that “phone number.” I turned over to go back to sleep, but then I heard my phone go off (someone was texting me.) I have taken screenshots of everything and have already shown them to the police. I wanted to share on here to see if this has happened to anyone else. Should I be worried? Is this just a prank? I’m really scared and don’t know what to think of all this. The screenshots are copied below.















*UPDATE: The cops came to our house and collected the evidence that was laid out in the kitchen. Brandon looked as white as a ghost, and I can’t blame him. This is all so messed up. We both went down to the station and were questioned. I showed these screenshots to the detective and they confiscated my phone for review. I’m so scared right now. Brandon is so scared right now. We are both petrified that this person snuck into our home. I’ll post another update once they can trace this number.

**UPDATE: The thing they found in our fridge turned out to be a BODY!! Yes. A body…the body of a child. They have done forensic testing and are trying to come up with a DNA match. Brandon and I have both given our samples. I can’t believe this is happening to us.

***UPDATE: The DNA matches came up for Brandon as a match. I’m so confused. He’s confused. This has to be some kind of mistake…

****UPDATE: You guys…Brandon broke down and made a confession. I’m literally distraught right now, and I’m in tears. Apparently, Brandon had been cheating on me for the past 2 years… he had gotten her pregnant. She had threatened to tell me about the child if Brandon wasn’t going to step up and be a father. Brandon said he couldn’t let that come between us. He killed the child. He buried the child out in the woods. He had done all of this within the 24 hours before I started receiving text messages. I’m disgusted. I threw up when I found out. My boyfriend…a killer…a child MURDERER! How could I have not seen what he was capable of? He says he has no idea how the corpse ended up in our fridge. He said that nobody knew what he had done. It was too soon to even file a missing person report. The details he gave the detective are even more disturbing. With a completely straight face, he told them EVERYTHING he had done that night.

Here is what I can remember of the confession: “I went to Olivia’s daycare. That uh…was her name. It was easy. I said I was her father. They didn’t really question it. I guess because my ex had told them about me. I don’t know. This is all so weird. She started crying in the car, and I just couldn’t take it. She wouldn’t stop crying. I didn’t want that responsibility, and I was scared that my girlfriend would leave me if she found out. I drove off to that park on the corner of the Boulevard. I carried her into the woods. It was during the day, so nobody was really there. Um. I had already dug the hole to save time. She was small, so it didn’t take long to dig. I looked around to see if anyone was near. The kid kept crying and I was scared someone would hear her, so I shoved a sock down her throat. I laid her in the hole and decided that I couldn’t bury her alive, because that would be inhumane. So, I grabbed the blade of the shovel and just kind of snapped her neck. She was so small and fragile, so I got it on the first try. Then I covered her up with dirt and ran out of there. Obviously someone saw me. Someone dug her up and brought her back to my house. Someone knew the shovel was in my trunk. Someone got ahold of my girlfriend and made her call 911 on me. I just don’t have any idea who it could be.

*****UPDATE: We have finally gotten word back on the text messages. It apparently traced back to a device in our house. We don’t have any cellular devices laying around, and if we did…that means that someone was hiding in our house and texting me (this is what the detectives claim.) This sends chills down my spine. It doesn’t make sense. None of it does. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I don’t know if I should be thankful or freaked out about whoever or whatever was in my house. If this thing knew what Brandon had done, then why not just kill him? Why threaten to kill him, only to have me call the cops on him? I just don’t get it. I think I am done posting for awhile. I need time to think, and honestly, every time I get a new notification on my phone, my hair stands up straight. Is it going to be from that entity again? Is my life going to flip upside down again? I might take a brake from electronics for awhile. But before I do that, I just need to know… Has anything like this happened to anyone else?


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