Something Happened To Us Out In The Corn Fields. Part 1

photo of corn field
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“Finn! Finn…FINN!!!
Finn always slept as heavy as a horse. He looked so peaceful when he slept, it was hard for me to force him awake. I had to, though, he would be bummed out if I let him miss out on what I was happening above us.
We had done it every once in a while, when the occasion called for it (meteor shower, blood moon, comets). It was a crisp summer night in August, and we were parked in the middle of a field watching the Perseids meteor shower. All alone. Just the two of us. Finn had dozed off, but I laid awake in deep thought.
I yanked on his arm, and he rolled from his side onto his back. My lips puckered up and I planted a kiss right on his lips.
“What, Lacey?” He said as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.
“Look up! Do you see that?
Finn gazed at the sky and squinted, then rubbed his chin in deep thought.
“What am I looking for?” He sputtered, confused.
I laid my head on his chest and pointed up to the sky.
“Look! You don’t see it? That star up in the sky! It looks like it‘s moving.
Finn grabbed his cell phone and peered at the bright light as his eyes adjusted. No service. No interruptions.
“Jeez. It’s 2:37am.
I ignored his comments as I kept gazing at the star that was circling around in the sky. Suddenly, we heard a rustling in the corn stalks a few hundred feet in front of us. I clutched Finn’s arm and sat still as I watched the corn stalks shake and split apart.
Finn was at attention now. He sat up as his eyes narrowed in on the corn stalks.
“Finn…What is that? Do you think it’s an animal? Maybe we should leave.
“Shh, Lacey. It could be the owner of this property. We really shouldn’t be out here.
The corn continued to shake and then all at once, they stood still. There was a certain eerie quietness that filled the darkness around us, as if everything in time had frozen. Everything was quiet. The insects were silent, and the trees stood frozen in place. In fact, Finn and I basically sat frozen as our eyes stayed focused on the split between the corn stalks.
That’s when the creatures emerged. Two of them.
They were about seven feet tall with grey, slippery skin. They were thin and walked upright like a human would. Finn and I sat in terror as the creatures peered at us. Everything was still and quiet. I could hear my heart beating.
That’s when I heard a voice in my mind that was something other than my own.
It sounded computerized; a monotone female voice.
“C O M E W I T H U S.”
I looked at Finn. Could he hear this strange voice also? Was I losing my mind? I had so many questions, but I couldn’t get my thoughts straight to communicate them to Finn. Next, a male computerized voice chimed in.
“N O W C O M E. I T W I L L — B E E A S Y.”
I gasped and finally found the courage to utter the words to Finn.
“Do you hear it too?”
He slowly turned his head and looked at me. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he had heard it as well. We were frightened, we didn’t know what to do or what to think of this whole situation. It was beyond our comprehension.
The grey creature lifted one hand and pointed its palm towards us. A white light flashed over us and before we could think twice, we were in a different realm of reality.
I woke up in a dim lit room with my head, arms and legs strapped to a metal table. I was naked with only a white cloth hanging over my midsection that covered between my knees and arm pits. I couldn’t turn my head, so I shouted for Finn in hopes that he was near.
I heard a low voice reply.
“I’m right here.”
“What has happened? Where are we??
“I don’t know, Lacey. They took us. They must have knocked us out somehow.
“What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know. Just calm down. Calm down. I’m trying to think.
Suddenly, the creak of a metal door interrupted us. The grey creature was standing in the doorway with a purple haze creating a silhouette of the being. It started to walk towards me. It had a white sheet tied around its neck that hung all the way down to the floor. I could only see the being‘s head. It sat at the end of the table and stared at me.
E X P E R I M E N T # 46954.”
“What do you want?!”
“F I V E D A Y S. E X P E R I M E N T D O N E.”
“What does that mean? Why?! Why us? Justplease let us go.
The being lifted its palm to my face and a white light shown once again. Before I could ask another question, I was back in my house, in bed.
I looked to my right and saw Finn laying sound asleep. Was that all a dream? There’s no wayI nudged him awake.
“What, Lacey? I’m trying to sleep.
“You don’t remember?!”
Remember what? Go back to bed!
I felt a rock in the pit of my stomach. Things were different. Something wasn’t right.
Everything has changed since that night out in the corn fields. Finn has no recollection of the night with the grey beings. He acts as if I‘m crazy when I bring it up. I know it happened, though. I know I didn’t dream it, there was just no way. I remember the vivid scenery of that metal room. I remember the cold feeling of my bare skin against that table, and most importantly, I remember the fear we both experienced that night. A fear like that never leaves you, it’s embedded into your bones.
The days continued, and I let the subject matter lay to rest.
Then, Finn started acting…off.
It started with dinner. I was chopping an onion. My eyes were watering, and I was squinting the tears away as the sharp blade sliced through each crunch of the onion. The knife slipped and sliced my finger open. Blood was oozing everywhere, and I ran to the sink to rinse away my mess.
It was at this moment, Finn jumped from his chair and ran straight to me. I told him I was fine and had it under control. He proceeded to grab my hand and put the cut up to his lips. I watched in disgust as he began to lick up the blood that was oozing from the cut. Then, he held his tongue out and squeezed my finger to get more blood to drip onto his tongue.
I pulled my arm away in horror.
“Finn! What is wrong with you?
He licked his lips and walked back to the living room. He had shouted back to me before he was out of sight.
Just trying to help!”
The days rolled on and he seemed to be acting stranger by the minute. I was starting to worry about his sanity. I knew that it had something to do with the night we were taken. They must have messed with his brain. I would try and mention that night to jog his memory, but he became angry and hostile at the mere mention of the grey beings.
Something was wrong with the guy I once knew so well. I could feel it in my gut, and I had to get to the bottom of this.
There’s no way to describe the odd sensation one feels when they have their fears confirmed. It’s as if you feel deeply satisfied for discovering what you knew to be true, but then a deep feeling of horror sets in when you realize that you must do something with the information you have discovered.
You see, Finn had become very secretive. He was once an open-door kind of guy. Ever since the night we were taken, he wouldn’t let me see him unclothed. He would always lock the door while using the restroom, showering, or changing. I knew it was an invasion of privacy, but I had to do it. I set a hidden webcam in the flower arrangement of our bathroom.
What I saw on that footage disturbs me. I want to cry, but I know I have to keep it together. I need to have a clear head for what I’m going to do next.
Finn stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror. The camera was angled behind him, so I was viewing him from behind, but I could see his face in the reflection of the mirror.

It started with stitching that ran from the base of Finn’s neck, all the way down his spine. At first, I thought it was due to experimentation from the grey beings. Perhaps they implanted something in him to make him act different?
What I saw after that still sends me to my knees.
Finn bent over the bathroom counter and tugged on the stitch at the base of his neck. The stitching began to unravel. The flesh peeled apart like a banana peel and I saw the insides of Finn. Red ribbed muscle lined his ribs, each vertebra stuck out like a white knob between tendons and ligaments. His fingertips pulled apart the base of his neck, and his skeletal head popped out of the sack of a face he was once wearing.

A raw face of muscle stared in the mirror. A hollowed out nose left a gaping hole in the middle of his face. His brown eyes looked as if they were bulging from his face. Every pearly white tooth stuck out in the open as he stared himself down in the mirror. He wasn’t in pain. It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen. He continued to flay the rest of his skin off until he was nothing but a walking cadaver.
This next part is what truly puts the electricity in my veins.
He slowly turned his head towards the flower arrangement, as if he knew the camera was hidden there the whole time. I could see a moment of clarity in his eyes. Those eyes were filled with fear, fear for what he had done to himself, almost as if something took over his mind and made him do it, then the footage went to static.
I‘m not sure what they did to Finn, in fact, I‘m not even sure this is Finn. I know I must leave and find those beings. I have to find out what they have done to him. I need to save him.

I can’t write anymore. The door just opened down stairs, Finn is home. I’m scared of what I’m going to see when he walks into this room. I’ll update when I get the chance.








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