Everyone has a story…

 Brianna sat at her computer typing when she felt a breath of humidity hit her backside. A shiver ran down her spine as she continued to type. It was a dark gloomy day, people were weaving in and out of offices as she continued to type. The heat of the breath grew closer, and she soon realized she wasn’t alone.

                                A thousand needles pricked the back of her skin as she saw a black shadowed figure standing behind her in the reflection of her computer screen.

She started to shake as she continued to work behind the keyboard. The thing began to moan and peer over her shoulder, engulfing her in a thick heat that she couldn’t escape.

Did anyone else see this entity attacking her? Maybe this was all in her head? Maybe….just maybe…she was a horror writer.


After being entertained by countless scary movies/stories, Brianna decided to take a stab at the creative side of horror.  She wrote her first piece in August 2017; she’s been writing ever since.

Brianna currently shares her writing on Thought Catalog, Reddit/NoSleep, and Facebook. She would love for you to follow her blog for a new scary story every Friday!







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