I Met Two Men In The Desert Who Changed My Life.

My body was vibrating, each vein worked overtime to contain my boiling blood from bursting out. I laid on my back as I let the sensation take control of my body. My face was numb, and I couldn’t open my eyes. Just a little longer, just a little longer was all I could repeat as... Continue Reading →

Let Me Tell You About My Uber Driver.

It was just a short 15-minute drive home. I was being responsible after having one too many cocktails on my third date from Tinder. I didn’t quite feel comfortable enough with him driving me home (because you know, you hear all those horror stories.) Everyone uses Uber…it was a safe service. That is what I... Continue Reading →

HELP! My Little Boy Has Gone Missing

Your imagination can be a powerful thing. I still remember the frightening feeling of being chased by a monster when I was a little girl. I would run into my grandparent’s bedroom as fast as my little five-year-old feet could carry me. “Gammy, wake up! There is a monster in my room!” My grandmother would... Continue Reading →

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